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I'm Arah, my hobby is creating a hentai flash game. And there is my Monster Lord project.

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Project: Monster Lord 2.0.3

Posted by Arahi - April 22nd, 2019

New build 2.0.3

Come and checkout it on Newground:

I would really like to hear any feedbacks, what is weird and should be changed, or any sugestions in comment or by private message :).



-New village system

-New slavery system

-New siege system


Some tips:

Slavery and Breeding:

First at all you need to fuck during raid (farm attack) horny pessant (those with hearts) by fly over her (not with attack) and win it. If you win you will get 1 slave and birth (1-5 "children") with random type. Then you can breed them in brothel with 50% chance to have birth same 1-5 childrens. If by that you will earn spider lady you can use her in raid party and she can catch pessants in web and if you win that raid, you will get them as slaves.

Breeding spider with pessant can give all 4 type childrens, Pessant with pessant will give just pessant, vice versa spider with spider lady will gave also childrens between them 2 types.

-You have to feed your villagers every day (1 food per day).

-Spider caves incrase attack and hp of your monsters during siege-


- Give additional protection during siege, enemy infranty troops need to break them first before they can join battle (our spiders male are counted also as melle and they also do not attack while wall are still active. Archers (spiderlady and enemy) are only shooting each other armies, while enemy have decrased (30% dmg) while wall is still standing up. Using slaves as workers into this building incrase his durability (HP) by %.

Raid Farms:

-Mini should have 2 pessants - 1 prestige and 0-5 gold per one

-Small 3-4 pessants - 2 prestige and 10-25 gold per one

medium 5-8 pessants 10 prestige and 30-70 gold per one

Siege rewards:

3-13 gold nad prestige per one enemy.

There is also passive population incrase per day if you have both spider male and female 2% per day rounded up


If you want to follow news about game on twitter checkout:


or If you want to support me to help maintain project, come and check my Patreon site: https://www.patreon.com/projectmonsterlord